Now We Need a Mask to Go Out and This to Stay In…

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UV Lights

Many things have changed in our lives with COVID-19. One of those include making us all more clean-conscious. With this top of mind, we’ve had clients ask ‘what can I do to make my home cleaner? 

Our answer is get a UV light! UV lights are used in hospitals, medical facilities, and other spaces that prioritize hygienic cleanliness to inhibit bacteria, virus, mold, and pathogen growth.

On a less entertaining but more important note, do you know the purpose of air filters?

How often do you hear HVAC professionals declaring the importance of replacing your filter regularly? The answer is probably too often! But do you know what your AC filters do and why they’re so important?

AC filters clean the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system. Filters trap and hold many types of particulates and contaminants that could affect your health and comfort including dust, dirt and pollen among other things.

For the record, you should change your filter every 1-6 months. The frequency depends on many factors in your home: pets, allergies, number of occupants, etc.

Do filters catch everything?

No, and because AC filters don’t catch everything UV lights are the smartest next step. UV light systems that are built into your ductwork can kill, not just trap, airborne particulates. Any germs that make it past the air filter are then exposed to UV light in your ductwork, killing even the most stubborn of organisms.

How does this impact me?

In short, a UV light can provide you with a more sterile indoor air quality. If you’re conscious about the air quality in your home or if you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, or any respiratory issues such as asthma, or COPD you would benefit from a UV light.