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Building Expertise From The Ground Up

Lesllisnel Sariol, the owner of Altruistic AC & Heating in Austin, TX, isn’t your average HVAC contractor. His 20-year journey began in the insulation and ductwork department as a helper. Les’ dedication and talent were quickly recognized, leading to promotions to lead installer and then service technician – all within a remarkable seven years.

This hands-on approach equipped him with a deep understanding of every aspect of the HVAC industry, allowing him to provide exceptional service to his clients.

A Passion For Fixing And Helping

Lesllisnel’s interest in HVAC stemmed from a lifelong love of fixing things, from toys and cars to motorcycles. He thrives on the challenge of troubleshooting and the satisfaction of restoring comfort by getting heaters and air conditioners back in working order. This desire to help others extends beyond HVAC – Lesllisnel even pursued studies to become a Paramedic, showcasing his commitment to serving his community.

A Well-Rounded Life Beyond Work

Lesllisnel’s passion for learning extends far beyond his professional expertise. When he’s not ensuring his clients’ comfort, you might find him strumming away on his guitar, saxophone or trumpet (even if he admits he’s still learning!).

He’s also an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying pickleball, tennis and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Lesllisnel’s love for adventure takes him traveling whenever possible, immersing himself in different cultures and soaking up the sun on Caribbean islands.

Experience You Can Trust

Lesllisnel Sariol’s 20 years of experience, coupled with his dedication to exceptional service and genuine care for his clients, make Altruistic AC & Heating the perfect choice for your HVAC needs in Austin, TX.

If you would like to connect with Les, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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Meet Lesllisnel Sariol

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