AC Maintenance in Austin, TX


Air conditioning is one of those things that operate in the background of our lives. You probably don’t think much about your HVAC system beyond routine filter changes and the occasional thermostat adjustment. It’s not until the cold air stops flowing through the vents as expected that you may think about AC maintenance and repair.

That’s why our HVAC experts are so invested in providing thorough AC tune up and maintenance services in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our job is to keep your system running efficiently so that you can focus on the demands of daily life. We’re more successful at that job when our customers commit to routine AC maintenance.

Give Your AC a Longer, More Productive Life

Your air conditioner’s job is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature day and night. You depend on it to help you sleep soundly through the night. It can keep your environment suitable for the new baby you just brought home from the hospital or the pets playing fetch in your living room. Whether you’re returning from a long day at work or cooking for a dinner party, you need your AC to do its job so that you can do yours.

When you allow our experienced technicians to perform routine AC tune up services, you minimize the risk of your system failing. Our experts can catch early signs of potential trouble and fix the problems before they leave you sweating at the most inconvenient time—And we all know that HVAC emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time, right?

No Signs of Trouble? AC Maintenance is Still Necessary

It may seem like your system is working fine and doesn’t need any help at the moment. That makes it easy to shuffle the AC to the back of your mind and forget about it. Unfortunately, that increases your risk of performance issues and emergency repairs.

Routine tune ups are essential to keep your HVAC system functioning efficiently right now. It also keeps your system from working harder to compensate for failing parts or accumulation of dirt and dust. You can extend the life of your system and save a lot of money by committing to routine AC maintenance.

AC Maintenance Doesn’t Get Any Easier

At Altruistic AC & Heating, the focus is on maintaining every AC system in our care. Our customers pay less for routine AC tune ups than AC repairs. We prefer to keep your system in perfect working order than to rush out when your system breaks down unexpectedly.

That’s why we offer the Altruistic Member Plan. It’s an HVAC maintenance plan that gives loyal customers valuable discounts on repairs and installations. As a plan member, you receive two annual tune ups plus proactive scheduling and a discount on our service fee. We even waive the after-hours charge if emergency service is required.

We believe in our member plan because it minimizes the chance that you will need costly repairs in the future. Contact us today to discuss the member plan or to schedule your next AC tune up.